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Fundamental Principles

The Federation is a non-profit making organisation whose intention is to expand the mind and educate in areas of the game that seems to have been lost in the teaching of the young kids playing the game to-day, especially at the grass-roots level of football and much more!

The fundamental principals of our coaching are the 3 'L's, which are 'Look' as we show you what to do, 'Listen' as we will advise you what to do, and 'Learn', as this is what you are here to do.

The concept of football is so simple, but can be complicated by 'Tactics', and this is based on the fact that we now play soccer, yet a few years ago, we played football. The modern game has changed, where the rest of the world have adopted the change and play modern football (soccer), yet, we in the U.K. still play what we invented and that is the English style of playing football.

The concept of the game originally, was to score more goals than your opponents, where you attacked the opponents goal, but to-day, we, by using tactics, we first learn to stop opponents with the intention, thereafter, to score a goal, and look to build on a lead.

The fast and flowing football game once played is now few and far between, unless it is a long ball and fast paced players to get on to those balls based on a counter attacking principal, having defended heavily.

It has been calculated that on average in a Premier League fixture that the ball is physically in play on average of 60 minutes as against a duration period of 90 minutes, whereby, slowing the game down by imploring certain principals, and in extreme cases a 45 minute duration period has been recorded.

The huff and puff of British players, when compared to the technically superior foreign players, is a major wrong for the F.A. and the coaching staff, and recently a wonderful opportunity to radically reform the national game hase been lost by Nick Levett & Co via the recent F.A. workshops. No doubt the coaching staff of the F.A. are disappointed and just as disappointed to learn that we have to wait for approximately 15 to 20 years for the changes of to-day to bring the success of tomorrow for an England team to challenge for the major trophies at international level.

We hope that by our promotions in areas of the game, via the facilities we will be launching via our other business interests, that we can enlighten the short sightedness, but open a debate to the whole of the footbal fraternity to discuss the various topics that shall be raised.

It is our intention to reflect the creation of a european super league structure that will be future of the expansion of the major clubs of europe, which will encompass the (53) now 54 football federations of U.E.F.A. and still retaining the lucrative Champions League competition which is the jewel in the crown for all the domestic clubs that compete for european honours.

Our area of the game straddles the length and breadth of the whole of football, this from international level right the way down to the lowest levels of grass-roots football, the latter of which, we believe a solid concentration is required for those that should know better to teach the young and vunerable.

We are looking for your valued support and assistance to ensure we have set out to do, will laid down the foundations that we can set core values within the game that has all the creditials of passion, flair and above all entertainment.

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