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European Super League Structure preparing for an October Fest Release

We invite you to be involved in it's instigation

(Will incorporate E.S.L. right down to grass roots football and it's principles)

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The Federation is a non-profit making organisation whose intention is to expand the mind and educate in areas of the game that seems to have been lost in the teaching of the young kids playing the game to-day, especially at the grass-roots level of football and much more!

World Soccer Football Federation presents itself to the football world and its industry to promote the game of football with its best interest in mind.

The commercial side of the organisation will through a series of games, quizzes and other educational features raise funds, and direct these monies into the areas of our sporting world that seems to be neglected and forgotton by the powerer houses of the game, and stifle progress.

With a World Cup concept game to be launched in the late Autumn with the assistance of such organisations as the U.K.D.T.I. and Sports England and others, we shall be embarking on a major global game with education at the heart of the project.

In addition to this, this Autumn we will see the conclusion of the European Super League competition, which at this moment in time aims to be at the invitation of the I.F.A. in Switzerland, at the moment the venue is as yet to be determined, but will be released shortly, although other venues are being considered.

At this event, we shall be showing the compete system from an ultimate or a European Super League stemming down into the Premier League, through to the Championship, and Leagues 1 and 2, plus and 3rd League, continuing into the Blue Square Leagues and will filter down to the lowest levels of english football.

This particular game, although it can be used in other games, will have a micro-chip element, and with the company we shall be using, the financial opportunities just in the U.K. alone are extremely significant.

Soccerex in Manchester on the 10th and 11th April, is where we are, and will be the commencement of our promotion, so don't be square, we will see you there?

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